whoa some guys at school sort of pick on john, they don’t get physical or anything aside from tripping him occasionally

john doesn’t really care too much!! he doesn’t let it get him down (on the outside) and he kind of just shrugs it off and he always has something snotty to say back to them when they make fun of his teeth or his hair or the fact that he’s sort of a nerd and a little antisocial maybe

one day they think it’d be funny to slip some peanuts into john’s food when he’s not looking because they know john is that kid who is allergic to peanuts and can’t eat the stuff people bring in to class

and john actually has a really, really bad allergic reaction

is this a high school au?? maybe? i don’t know but dave is there and he sees john start to have a reaction and he FLIPS HIS SHIT like seriously he runs to go get the nurse and john’s dad has to pick him up and take him to the hospital

dave is SO MAD because he knows these kids kind of tease john but they tease him sometimes too and they both just shrug their shoulders but this is Too Much and he confronts them right in the middle of the hallway between classes

he shoves one kid into the locker and is yelling about how they need to STOP picking on john and how that peanut shit WASN’T FUNNY he could have DIED okay and both dave and the kid get pretty roughed up and then they get detention

dave goes to visit john at home (he stays home for the rest of the week because……his dad doesn’t want him going back right away) (his dad knows what happened even though john passes it off as well they didn’t know!! or it was a joke!)

and he…brings this card with him

it was signed by the guys who put the peanuts there and they are actually really sorry and john tears up a little and dave hugs him and they kind of sniffle on each other for a while

after that those guys don’t mess with john anymore

the guy who dave shoved into the lockers ends up sticking up for john a few times even

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